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Building a Spa From Ship Containers – The Story of The Dune Spa

July 30, 2019

The Dune Spa at The Shore Club Turks & Caicos embraces a holistic approach that draws from the environment of Long Bay Beach. Centered on the elements of sand, sea, breeze, and sun, the Dune Spa’s techniques, treatments and products are designed to restore, inspire insight, stimulate, and ignite. Visit one of the Spa’s three oceanfront treatment bungalows—Moonshadow, Sundancers, or Sea Breeze—for treatments with a pristine view of the beautiful Long Bay Beach.


This beautiful spa had humble beginnings with eco-friendly intentions.


The desire to reduce our carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the environment has become a priority for us as well as creating storm proof structures. We were definitely looking for ways to become more eco-conscious. We discovered through some research that a fantastic way to do this is to build using recycled materials.


Each time a standard 40ft container is recycled, around 3,500kg worth of steel is repurposed.


It’s estimated that each year around 500,000 shipping containers are abandoned. In addition there are several million shipping containers that have already been abandoned. That’s a lot of construction material! Not to mention that by building with containers you aren’t using other building materials, which could harm the environment.


Here at The Shore Club, we built with re-purposed shipping containers because we value the preservation of our local and global environment. We assembled a team of experts to ensure our dream of a luxury spa would exceed expectations and embrace all of the wonderful elements of nature to enable our guests to experience the sumptuousness of island opulence.


Our goal is to help your Dune experience be an unforgettable one where you reconnect mind, body and spirit with all of the elements of nature.


The Dune itself represents our flowing journey through life. We offer luxurious treatments that empower the spirit and restore energy.


Our team has gone far and above to ensure our wonderful structure pulls all of these components together to create an unforgettable journey from moonlight ceremonies relaxing to the sound of the waves on Long Beach to choosing only the finest organic ingredients extracted from nature’s finest wild crafted botanicals. Merging your mind with the music of the water lapping the beach, the healing of the salty water, the Caribbean breeze calming the soul and the warmth of the sun kissing your skin.   It is our desire to create the ultimate island experience that leave the body and the mind merged with the elements of Mother Nature lasting long after your vacation.


The Dune Spa is open to the public, not just guests of The Shore Club! You can make your reservations right on line at, or call 649.339.8000.