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Experience the Fusion of Flavors with SUI-REN’s New Menu

April 26, 2024

Nestled in the luxurious ambiance of The Shore Club, SUI-REN, the premier open-air restaurant, is thrilled to unveil its exhilarating new menu.  A sublime fusion of Asian and Peruvian flavors awaits, now enriched with even more delectable choices, refined tastes, and the freshest high-quality ingredients.


A Blend of Cultures and Cuisines: At SUI-REN, we pride ourselves on offering a unique culinary experience that blends traditional and modern influences from across the globe.  Our latest offerings continue this tradition with an expanded menu that spotlights Asian-Peruvian fusion, bringing together the best of both worlds.


Spotlight on Chef Devan Rajkumar: The creative force behind our new menu is none other than Guyanese Canadian chef Devan Rajkumar.  Known globally as Chef Dev, his culinary expertise bridges the flavors of East and West Indian cuisines, infusing them with a modern twist that celebrates his rich heritage.  Chef Dev’s collaboration with SUI-REN has resulted in a series of innovative dishes that promise an unforgettable dining experience.


New Menu Highlights:  Our refreshed menu features an array of dishes that showcase the intricate melding of Asian techniques with Peruvian zest.  Highlights include:


  • Lomo Saltado: A classic Peruvian dish reimagined with Chef Dev’s unique flair, featuring stir-fried tenderloin, vibrant vegetables, and a piquant sauce.
  • Chaufa de Pato: A fusion take on Peruvian fried rice, combined with rich, succulent duck, seasoned with oriental spices and herbs.


These new additions accompany our beloved staples such as freshly prepared sushi, zesty ceviche, comforting Pho, and hearty Lamb Rendang, each dish crafted to perfection and designed to transport your senses.


Craft Cocktails and the Ultimate Ambiance:  To complement your meal, SUI-REN boasts an expansive craft cocktail menu, each beverage crafted to pair flawlessly with our menu items, enhancing the flavors and your dining experience.  Coupled with the elegant, open-air ambiance for The Shore Club, SUI-REN offers the perfect setting for a magical evening under the stars.


Conclusion:  We invite you to join us at SUI-REN to explore our exciting new menu and indulge in a dining experience like no other.  Whether it’s a night out with loved ones, a romantic celebration, a special occasion or a casual meal in a breathtaking setting, SUI-REN promises an evening filled with delightful choices, incredible flavors, and the ultimate in dining excellence.  Reserve your table today and discover why SUI-REN is not just a meal, but a journey of culinary discovery.


Be among the first to savor the new tastes of Asia and Peru at SUI-REN.  Your table awaits!