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Hope Is On The Way – Hartling Group Resorts & Gramps Morgan

October 07, 2020

Our entire team is delighted to present a vision of hope – imagined, choreographed and filmed by all of us at Hartling Group Resorts. If our soulful vision brings you a smile or even a joyful tear, we hope you can share the video, passing a little bit of hope forward!



Because of the Pandemic, this special place that we call home, like so many other islands, was closed to visitors for a few months.  With Tourism as our #1 income generator, you can imagine how devastating this was not only for our teams but for the entire community.  One day during the lockdown, our CEO Mr. Stan Hartling came up with an amazing idea.  He wanted to do something special to motivate our teams, and give them some HOPE.


We also wanted to applaud them for the way they’ve treated each other with so much kindness and compassion during these very difficult times.


Amidst all the adversities, we were able to stick together, and in true Hartling style, we have created something so special we are sure it will touch your heart in the same way it’s touched ours.


We cannot wait to welcome you back to the Turks & Caicos and to The Shore Club.  #HopeIsOnTheWayTC


Hold On by Gramps Morgan – Hope is on the Way (song only)


To download the song, Click Hope is on the Way by Gramps Morgan.


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