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Privacy and luxury for every part of your Caribbean holiday with private air combined with beachfront five-star villas

November 30, 2021

Ask the typical traveler what they dread the most about traveling and hands down the response is the experience at the airport, long and frustrating security lines, boarding and the plane ride itself.  The check-in process and security can be an incredibly uncomfortable event.   When you fly commercial you are screened with hundreds of passengers nearby, your belongings are scrutinized, and you feel invaded and processed.  Boarding the plane can take forever and there’s always the misery of being on a crowded flight, undersized and uncomfortable seats, endless wait times to get off the plane and by the time you gather your luggage and go through customs, you are completely exhausted!  The start of a vacation should never begin with misery!


That is why The Shore Club has created a better experience.  An experience you deserve.   We are happy to announce we have partnered with evoJets to create the ultimate in luxury travel with Jet / Villa packages!   evoJets is one of the most trusted names in private travel.  They have earned one of the strongest reputations among travelers and aircraft owners alike, solidifying itself as a consistent presence in the increasingly competitive on demand air charter market.  Today they have grown into one of the most respected and reliable brokers in the industry, and their list of satisfied clientele has grown exponentially, impressing even the most discerning traveler.


The advantages of a private charter are easier, faster and less restrictive security screenings that offer more privacy, and a safer and more relaxed boarding process. The comfort level of the flight is cozy and relaxed, and the service by the staff is far more attentive to your needs.


This has given The Shore Club the ability to offer even more individual attention and luxury to our valued villa guests.  We have also arranged for exclusive perks for our private charter guests who choose to reserve one of our incredible villas such as a private photo shoot with one of the islands top photographers and VIP airport transfers, regardless of arrival or departure times.


If you are ready to experience the many wonderful benefits of flying private, including expedited security screenings, evoJets and The Shore Club are ready to create the ultimate getaway for you.  We will help you arrange every detail and organize every facet of a trip that will create memories to last a lifetime!  You will feel more refreshed when you arrive and will be ready to enjoy all of the amazing amenities The Shore Club is famous for.


Learn more and book your charter today   Warning!  This just might be habit forming!  You might decide to never fly commercial again!