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There’s a Place in the Turks and Caicos

November 25, 2019

PRESS PLAY and be instantly relaxed…..

There’s a place in the Turks and Caicos called Long Bay. It stretches along a shallow bank of water that’s a shade of blue you’ve never seen.


Since the day this island first rose from the sea, birds brought seeds that would eventually grow a tropical forest. Exotic cacti and coco plums, polychromatic flowers and endless miles of palm trees, Long Bay, with its infinite expanse of crystalline turquoise, was historically a haven for fishermen and sailors. But today, a vision of architectural beauty and design rests on its shores. An oasis of luxury in the middle of paradise, there are no words that can describe the site of the sunrise on its balconies, or the fragrance of jasmine and sea grapes on the way to the beach. You can imagine the indulgent comfort of its linens, or the brilliance of each meticulously curated detail. The tiles have been painted by hand; the walls are covered in crushed coral. Every element of design blends harmoniously with indigenous flora and the tranquil spirit of this wonderland called Long Bay.


It’s a world that inspires you to dream. It reminds you of what it is you truly want; to love, to be loved, to swim with seahorses and dance with the wind, to laugh with friends over culinary delights; to make memories to last a lifetime. We are born to live, to travel, and to explore the extraordinary. The Shore Club on Long Bay Beach; come and write YOUR story-right here.